Complimentary Therapy, One to One Therapies
  • A professional therapeutic ‘touch therapy’ delivered for the purpose of symptomatic stress relief.
  • A rhythmic, systematic application of pressure by the hands of the Therapist can relieve tension from muscles, improve circulation, reduce swelling, ease discomfort and promote an enhanced sense of well-being.



David-O'-Keeffe---Massage-Therapy“My life was turned upside down when I had a heart attack three years ago. My wife took over the family cleaning business. Then a bolt out of the blue came when she was diagnosed with cancer this year. The Solas Cancer Support Centre came to our rescue with all kinds of treatments and therapies. Because of my extra workload since my wife’s sickness the massage therapy has really helped with aching muscles. The team there is a lifeline to our mental and physical health.”– David O’ Keeffe