One to One Therapies
  • A professional, therapeutic listening process offering confidentiality, understanding and empathy in a non-judgemental, respectful space.
  • Counselling support aims to empower the individual with personal clarity and confidence to cope with their personal challenges.
  • Referrals to a Counsellor are made through  the Client Services Co-ordinator following introduction meeting.
  • Appointments are by arrangement.
  • Counselling sessions can take place face to face or by telephone




“The Solas Cancer Support Centre has been of great support to me and my wife Noreen through her cancer journey, from the phone calls to the comforting words when I realised Noreen’s death was imminent. The counselling gave me an opportunity to share my burden and this helped me greatly at a very difficult time in my life. This support and encouragement has being of enormous benefit to me as I now try to get on with my life.”

– Felim Power