Race Information


Please assemble for start in the Carpark on Quay opposite Granville Hotel no later than 11.50.

Please stay off the footpath and road.

Please stay in car park, well away from start line, until called by stewards.  Assemble in area marked for Racers, Runners, Joggers or Walkers

Do not walk on road as traffic will flow until 1155

At 1155, when traffic is stopped, Stewards will call each group from the Assembly in Car Park to the start line on the road.

Note your start time is recorded from when you cross the start line, not from the gun

Waterstations on route at

Opposite Smyth’s Toystore on Tramore Road – McDonalds Waterstation

Past Ballindud roundabout on ring road – Lions Club Waterstation

At the entrance to Grantstown Village on the Williamstown Road – Beat Waterstation

At the entrance to Collins Avenue on Dunmore Road – Maxol Garage Waterstation


Finishline is approx. 100m inside the people’s park main gate

Water and goodie bag with banana, bars etc will be provided

Hot drinks also complementary at Java Republic stand at line

Free Massages available at tent just beyond line

Nutrition and Dehydration

Competitors are responsible for their own fuel intake. There are a number of water stations along the course and at the finish, so ensure to stay well hydrated.


Will be available at the start, at waterstations locations and finish of the run.


Competitors are requested to throw their rubbish in the bins provided.



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